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Optimize based on data trends, compare against benchmarks, and report your findings.

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How does Hawke AI work?

Hawke AI takes all your marketing data, consolidates into one view, then gives you a suite of tools for monitoring, analysis, optimization & reporting so you can lift results. 


Compare against benchmarks, consult AI for insights, measure against your competition in order to lift your digital marketing performance!

"Focused Metrics, Automated Insights and Effective Reporting Dashboards" Jake M, Consultant
"Saves time and money. Shows data quickly. Super easy to navigate." Sinan M, Founder & Marketing Director
"Great for Building Growth Strategies!!!" Analyn B, Web Director

Say goodbye to manual reporting!

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Landing pages icon AI Report Builder
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See all the performance of your budgets and KPIs across all your accounts and track them to ensure they’re on pace. Get a 5000 foot view of everything before drilling down with customized reports or AI generated report presentations.


Scrutinize performance and improve results across platforms.

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Optimize spend between platforms, benchmark your performance against others in your industry, and consult ChatGPT for insights. Hawke AI has powerful analysis tools that save you time and empower you to make smarter decisions.

Monitoring & Alerts

Get alerted at the very first sign of trouble — to stop negative trends.

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Media spend too high? Your results not what you expected? Your campaigns just… not working? is your second set of eyes, and will let you know the moment something starts to fall behind.

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